Camping Key Europe

Here you can buy your digital Camping Key Europe and start enjoying all the deals available across Europe.

Welcome to Sweden and Europe. Camping Key Europe is the connects campsites all over Europe. With Camping Key Europe, Europe is open to you, and your holiday will be more convenient, safer and cheaper. You will need Camping Key Europe to check in to any SCR Swedish Camping-affiliated campsite. Camping Key Europe makes it easier and quicker to check in and out, and it contains lots of benefits and offers as well as accident and liability insurance Buy your card here.

Why do you need Camping Key Europe?

Campsites that are affiliated to Camping Key Europe are members of the trade organisation SCR Swedish Camping, which promotes sustainable campsite development in Sweden.

The charge for Camping Key Europe funds quality assurance, and work on electrical and fire safety, environmental issues and other campsite development.

There are many reasons why we use Camping Key Europe

The charge Camping Key Europe contributes to the work to quality-assure camping experiences and, for example, electrical and fire safety, environmental issues and campsite development.

Benefits for our guests

In addition to the work to give you a quality-assured camping experience, Camping Key Europe offers a number of direct benefits to you as our guest:

- Quick and easy check-in and check-out. No papers to fill in, just swipe or scan your card from the mobile and it’s done.
- Accident and liability insurance. With the card, the whole family is insured in the event of an accident Read more »
- Discounts and offers in Sweden and abroad Read more »
- Discounts on accommodation at thousands of campsites in Europe Read more på »
- Inspiration via newsletters


Camping Key Europe cost 160 SEK

Camping Key Europe cost 160 SEK and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Save time and buy your Camping Key Europe here

Who is behind Camping Key Europe?

Camping Key Europe is part of Camping Key Alliance, a European partnership between the trade organisations for camping in Sweden, Norway and Finland, the campsites and the consumer organisations ANWB in the Netherlands and ADAC in Germany. Read more on »